Epokha Vozrozhdeniya supplies seedlings all over Russia!

Epokha Vozrozhdeniya Company has been supplying large seedlings lots throughout Russia for several years. Another lot is ready to be sent to Yakutia in 2023.

One of the important unique company advantages is delicate logistics. This makes it possible to supply seedlings even to the most remote parts of our country.

Seedlings are packed in transport boxes with a capacity of 200 units before shipping. The advantage of such transportation is compactness (convenient containers size 40*40*22 cm), the boxes are set on pallets, the weight of one unit is up to 17 kg and this makes it easy to unload them when received.

A waterproof liner is placed into each unit to maintain the humidity level.

The recorder is placed in containers for temperature and humidity control. It records the indicators during the entire path of the seedling - from departure (i.e., before transportation) to planting at the destination.